Saturday, May 16, 2009

**Two More Amazing PHOTOSHOOTS!! ♥♥ & New Gear!!**

So I think I'm getting a little too excited over the new photo-shoots we've been doing ^_^ But that's ok I'm allowed to be excited. 
We've done two more and the New Gear is listed up @ both Etsy stores...

Here's a sneak at some of the New Photos.... (you can find the rest @ the Black Widow facebook fan page, Myspace, or Etsy)  
These first ones were shot yesterday...

And these we took the day before, it was only 3C outside ^~^ not so fun! But I was a trooper and we got some wicked shots ^_^

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So my Sweetheart Fiance bought a wicked new SLR Camera and has decided to be my photographer ♥♥ 
We played around with it yesterday and I think the photos turned out reaaaally well ^_^. I can't post them all on here, but most of them are now up on Myspace, and are in the New ETSY Listings. 
It started SNOWING!!! I have to add. I was very upset until I realized how awesome it made the photos turn out, so I have to admit, it was the first time I've ever been excited about Snow in May lmao. 

Enough yapping from me, here's a lil peek at out Photoshoot 

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Gear Plus Huge MARK-DOWNS on ETSY!!

Another week of Listing on favorite place :p
Well there's New gear up there worth Checking out ^_^, and of course prices start reaaaaal low, much lower than I like but hey, we're in a recession which means lots of savings for my lovely Customers ♥

I also moved a bunch of gear from my Black Widow Etsy Store into Ebay this week for Clearance! So maybe some of those items you've been eyeing up for a while are there! Better check before they're gone ~_^!

On top of that, I have New Gear up in my Etsy store ^_^ Including MEGADETH & SLAYER PANTS!!! I was absolutely inspired from my excitement for the "Canadian Carnage" Tour coming up. So grab those before they're gone too ~_^ All items are One of a Kind as always ♥ 

Friday, May 1, 2009


So, this recession is hurting us all, me very much included. I am very stubborn and pretty much refuse to get a second job because that would leave me with little time for Black Widow Clothing., which to me kind of feels like giving up :p 

So, what better way to start my new Black Widow Clothing Blog with a Recession Sale to help me pay rent!! ~_^

Starting Today and Ending Sunday:

*****♥ BUY ONE GET 2ND ITEM 30% OFF!!!!!♥*****

♥ This Sale is good at Alter-Eco Clothing too,

which means you can pick one item from Black Widow Clothing and 

get another at Alter-Eco and still get the discount ♥



*Please Wait for a revised Invoice

*Payment is due within 24hrs of Receiving New Invoice, Thanks!! 

*30% Off Item of Equal or lesser Value